President Donald J Trump might get his way and deport millions of Mexicans and ban millions of Muslims from entering the United States. Despite massive protests around the country, he might be able to fulfill his promise made to his supporters to bleach white the colors of American citizens. What’s in it for African-Americans if he succeeds?

Estimates say that there are nearly 4 million Mexican workers in the United States. Large numbers of Mexican workers work on farms, in restaurants, in home remodeling, and in landscaping. Some people argue that Mexicans are taking jobs away from Americans while others say that Mexicans are working jobs that Americans do not want. What do you say?

Muslims, however, account for the growing number of 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts owners. Muslims have been successful in setting up real estate and retail business in Black neighborhoods around the country. Does this bother you?

I must ask this controversial question: Would you, as an African-American, be willing to work on farms, in restaurants or in landscaping? Sure, many of you would say “yeah” to owning businesses, but would you, yours kids, friends or relatives be willing to work jobs where your hands get dirty?

I can answer the question for myself. I’m willing to work any job that I am physically able to do. But what about you? If the 11 million undocumented Mexicans were deported today, would you be willing to work the jobs they leave behind?

(Ron Alexander is a journalist/book author based in Miami Florida. Please follow my blog. Please visit my website at

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