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Cherished Diamond

A True Love Story

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I write to inspire and encourage. The books I write reflect my journey through life, how I have handled drug addiction and a type of mental illness, bipolar disorder, that nearly killed me when I attempted suicide during a very turbulent time in my life. I write about why, through the grace of God,  I am alive and healthy today. Being a writer is not a job or career, but a calling that dates back to 1962 when I was twelve years old.

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Author Ron Alexander unveils his new book in progress, Bullet Proof Soul, which is a book of personal essays reflecting his thinking on social and political issues of the day. The title of the book is borrowed from a song written and recorded by the popular singer, Sade, who sings about the need to have a bullet proof soul when battling for love and facing life challenges. The book captures his thinking on race, racism, mental illness, drug addiction and how these topics have impacted his life as a child and young adult growing up in the dangerous streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where sociopathic behaviors were the only way to survive. The poignant, intimate essays reveal a fractured soul struggling to be acknowledged, listened to, and respected during a time when institutional racism was rampant.  

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Bullet Proof Soul: Personal Essays

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Don't Tell Me What To Do


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Ron Alexander has written a masterfully scripted memoir, Don't Tell Me What to Do, for those who are lost, depressed, or may believe life holds no meaning. Alexander's memoir chronicles his life from 1954 to 2005 where he experienced firsthand social changes that shaped our country's future. From pre and post segregation, the political and social impact of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Huey Newton's Black Panther Party, Alexander interweaves them brilliantly with how they affected his life. After years of harboring a deep resentment and anger, attending twelve step meetings and languishing in mental health institutions, through the grace of God, he was able to embrace a life filled with joy, love, hope and redemption. Ron Alexander's poignant narrative reveals how God can heal your life despite a painful past. Book is about racism, civil rights, his mental illness, drug addiction and redemption. 

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Ron Alexander has written a powerful book about unconditional love. His honesty about his shortcomings in a relationship is gripping, compelling yet refreshing and inspiring. I was totally shocked about how the relationship ended.  


Chicago Ill 


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