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Cherished Diamond
A True Love Story

Cherished Diamond Ron Alexander

#1 Best Seller Amazon (Kindle) 

Cherished Diamond is a true-life love story. Tina is a Christian woman who turns to online dating to find a husband. Ron is a recovering drug addict who searches online for a woman who would not judge him. Together, they are combustible, but in love.


What People are Saying
About Cherished Diamond

"Ron Alexander has written a powerful book about unconditional love. His honesty about his shortcomings in a relationship is gripping, compelling yet refreshing and inspiring. I was totally shocked about how the relationship ended."  


Chicago Ill 

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My Story

I write to inspire and encourage. The books I write reflect my journey through life, how I have handled drug addiction, maturity, becoming a Black Panther and growing up in the dangerous streets of Philadelphia, I write with the hope that I can help other people who find that life holds no meaning. It is through the grace of God, I am alive and healthy today. Being a writer is not a job or career--but my calling.

Ronald McFadden


Bullet Proof Soul: Personal Essays

Bullet Proof Soul: Personal Essays

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Don't Tell Me What To Do

Don't Tell Me What To Do

Bullet Proof Soul is a book of personal essays reflecting Ron's thinking on social and political issues of the day. The book illustrates Ron's thoughts on race, racism, mental illness, joining the Black Panther Party, and how these traumatic experiences have impacted his life as a child and young adult growing up in the dangerous streets of Philadelphia where mental illness and addiction gripped his life for over twenty years.

For those caught up in the throes of depression, addiction, and/or spiritual confusion, author Ron Alexander unveils his memoir to share how God has redeemed and healed him from sins that threatened his life. Don't Tell Me What to Do is the beginning of Ron's book ministry, a spiritual calling that he become God's vessel and instrument of healing. "



My journey through life has taken me through battling drug addiction, racism and discrimination. I joined the Black Panther Party when I was seventeen years old. I became addicted to crack-cocaine and alcohol when I was thirty-five years old. It would take me nearly twenty-five years until I kicked cocaine and alcohol for good. Today I have been clean from drugs and alcohol for over twenty-five years. I am an authentic voice speaking to people losing faith and hope, believing that life has lost all meaning. I am the voice of people trapped in mental illness and drug addiction. Contact me today at 267 721 9551 if you wish to have me as your speaker.
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