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Don't Tell Me What To Do

Seeking God? Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do you know someone struggling with addiction or mental illness? Ron Alexander has written a masterfully scripted memoir, Don't Tell Me What to Do, for those who are lost, depressed, or may believe life holds no meaning. Alexander's memoir chronicles his life from 1954 to 2005, where he experienced firsthand social changes that shaped our country's future. From pre and post-segregation, the political and social impact of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Huey Newton's Black Panther Party, Alexander interweaves them brilliantly with how they affected his life. Ron Alexander's poignant narrative reveals how God can heal your life despite a painful past.

         Bullet Proof Soul

Bullet Proof Soul is a book of personal essays reflecting Ron's thinking on social and political issues of the day. The book illustrates Ron's thoughts on race, racism, mental illness, substance abuse, and joining the Black Panther Party, and how these traumatic experiences have impacted his life as a child and young man growing up in the dangerous streets of Philadelphia where mental illness and addiction gripped his life for over twenty years. In one essay, Ron reveals how he was impacted by the revelation that his father sexually abused his sister and how the disclosure forever changed his feelings toward his father. In another essay, he details how his search for identity and purpose led him to join the Black Panther Party. Pre-order your copy today 

      Cherished Diamond

A Christian woman, Tina turned to online dating to find a husband. Ron was a recovering drug addict who searched online for a woman who would not judge him. Together, they were explosive but in love. The relationship grew out of two worlds that clashed. Anger impacted his ability to love. Fear affected her willingness to be loved. They were living entirely different lives. She was living a Christian life; he was using drugs. Tina believed loving Ron unconditionally would enable him to turn his life around. She trusted him. Yet he did not trust himself. Neither is prepared for a life-changing event that would forever alter their relationship in ways they could never have predicted. Cherished Diamond is based upon a real relationship, events.

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