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Don't Tell Me What To Do

Ron Alexander's memoir is a powerful and inspiring read for anyone who has ever felt lost or without purpose, either because of addiction, mental illness, or both. Through his personal experiences, he sheds light on the social changes that have shaped our country's history, from segregation to the impact of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Huey Newton's Black Panther Party. Alexander's story is a testament to the healing power of faith and the resilience of the human.

      Cherished Diamond

Cherished Diamond is a captivating story of two individuals from different worlds who fell in love. Tina, a Christian woman, and Ron, a recovering drug addict, found each other through online dating. Despite their differences, they were deeply in love. However, their relationship was not without challenges. Ron's anger and Tina's fear affected their ability to love and be loved. The story is based on real events and is a testament to the power of love and the unexpected twists and turns that life can.

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